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Most of these press articles are published in Spanish.
18th July 2013 UMH and Toyota ITC collaborate on cooperative ITS research (view...)
1st March 2013 UMH designs the V2I communications system for the most powerful electric vehicle (view...)
22th September 2012 Javier Gozalvez, elected VP Mobile Radio of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (view...)
12th September 2012 UMH organizes the main Spanish scientific telecoms conference URSI 2012 with Javier Gozalvez as General Co-Chair (view...)
30th July 2012 Uwicore develops a unique wireless road signalling solution (view...)
05th June 2012 Uwicore carries out real tests to study multi-hop wireless communications (view...)
26th October 2011 Uwicore receives the 2nd and 3rd best paper awards at Telecom I+D (view...)
22th June 2011 Miguel Sepulcre receives a national best PhD thesis award (view...)
09th November 2010 Javier Gozalvez, elected member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (view...)
22th January 2010 Uwicore participates in the development of the Factory of the Future model (view...)
27th April 2009 Uwicore's Director, TPC Co-Chair for IEEE VTC2009-Spring in Barcelona (view...)
8th July 2008 Uwicore participates in the European project iTETRIS looking to develop an integrated traffic and wireless platform for real-time road traffic management (view...)
26th February 2008 Uwicore paper selected among the top 5 papers at the IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVeC) (view...)
5th December 2007 Uwicore member receives France Telecom Foundation Award at the main Young Scientist contest in Spain (view...)
20th November 2007 Uwicore member selected for main Spanish young scientist contest (view...)
10th November 2007 Uwicore members receive best paper award in national research telecoms conference (view...)
14th September 2007 Uwicore presents its wireless vehicular research activities (view...)
20th June 2007
Uwicore announces the results and end of its WiMAX planning research project (view...)
23rd January 2007
Uwicore's alumni Miguel Lopez Benitez is awarded a national research prize (view...)
5th October 2006
Uwicore's Director participates in seminars to discuss the effects of base station emissions (view...)