uwicore. Ubiquitous Wireless Communications Research LaboratoryUwicore
Uwicore is always interested in establishing new active and mutually beneficial research collaborations with international and national research groups and companies. At the moment, Uwicore actively collaborates with various research organizations under its various research projects.
The Spanish authorities have established a mirror of the eSafety forum in Spain to promote and develop technologies, including wireless vehicular communications, for road safety. Uwicore has been a member of the eSafety platform since its start, where it participates in its Research working group.
The Spanish eMOV wireless technological platform has established a Vehicular Networks (VENS) research working group focused on establishing a national work program in V2V and V2I wireless communication systems. Uwicore cooperates with the VENS group on establishing a national R&D program.
As part of its 4G heterogeneous wireless research, Uwicore has been jointly working with the Mobile Communications Group of the Technical University of Valencia. Uwicore has close links to MCG that goes beyond research and has included socio-economical mobile communications diffusion activities and organization of technical meetings.
Innovalia is a R&D Business Unit belonging to the Basque Technology Network (SARETEK), founded in 2002 by a set of technology-based innovative companies. The collaboration with Innovalia has been centered on the development of a WiMAX technological platform for the provision of multimedia applications. Moreover, initiatives to jointly work on data dissemination for wireless vehicular communications have been established.
Uwicore has been collaborated over the last years and research projects with colleagues from the game theory research group at the Operations Research Centre of the University Miguel Hernandez. Uwicore and CIO researchers have been jointly working on optimization of radio resource management schemes in multimedia and heterogeneous wireless systems.